Role Reversal

Posted By Mark on Sep 20, 2014 |

Our roles being reversed this past year has also been a tough transition.  Take a stay at home mom and a husband that was the main and only support for the family and totally turn that upside down.  That’s us.  That’s tough!

People would often ask “So, what does Mark do?”  Yet, I don’t think that people would ask “What does Bridget do?” if the situation was reverse.  I am the one with the work permit here.  So legally, I am the one doing the main work at the center and has the legal position at the center.  This does not mean that I do all the work.  We work as a team.  But our team “roles” changed.  He was at home with the kids after our school work was complete every morning.  I would be at the center every afternoon, often into the evening.  Sometimes I would have appointments or meetings for a family, the center, whatever the situation.  He would be home and I was out.  Yes, our children would sometimes be home alone if meetings involved both of us, but mainly one of us would be here with them.  Mainly that person was Mark.  And if you didn’t already know, Mark needs quiet time to himself.  That doesn’t happen with 6 children living in a cement open house.  So who made a huge sacrifice to be here?  Mark did for sure.


Me?  I am stretched way too thin and had many moments of crying out of exhaustion to my friends here that understood this.  But mostly, I am in my element!  I love being with the moms and grandmas, and with the most adorable babies ever!  But it is hard to go from being with our kids all the time to being gone every day.  It broke my heart so many times to hear my little ones ask me “do you have to go to the center today?” when I am use to being with them all the time.  But that just meant I cuddled extra long at bedtime and there is nothing better than that.  Knowing that I am privileged enough to be here, with them.


Besides being the stay-at-home dad.  We all know how crazy smart Mark is with computers.  Without him, we would have no website, this email couldn’t be written and actually posted, because I wouldn’t even have internet without his creative and persistent ways of getting it to our home.  Our kids would not have the pleasure of learning Bible and History with their dad if it wasn’t for this last year.  They may have missed a few lessons…but we survived.  And sometimes in a huge transition like we have had, you just have to get through it.  So let’s get back to Mark’s gifts.   Word always gets around about what he can do.  So he built not only our website and the way to manage sponsorships, but also Strong Hearts.  Always helping out various friends’ laptops  and technical issues, since there is no Geek Squad or tech support to call here!


Thankfully, Mark is super handy…as in, he can fix our ongoing plumbing issues and breaks that happen several times a week.  Yes, our house is brand new.  Yes, it has great looking counter tops and floors in pictures you see.  What you don’t see is the handles that come off the doors and cabinets within the 1st week here.  You don’t feel that weird non-clean, some kind of film on that new counter top, even though I just cleaned it.  I always say things here are “smokes and mirrors”.  Everything looks great at first glance, but the craftsmanship is not what we are accustomed to, to put it nicely.   So, I am thankful that I have a MacGyver type husband that can pretty much fix anything.  But it takes all day to do ANYTHING.


PS. Please pass the word that we still are need of sponsorships. There are a few families left that are not sponsored and the center needs these sponsorships to keep going.

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